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In the UK there are a number of auctions that allow you to quickly sell property. If you need to sell a property quickly it can often make sense to sell via auction rather than using slower and often more time consuming methods.

Property Auctions Scotland – the original auction
Property Auctions Wales
Property Auction England

The three main areas – also include cities which is why property auctions London are also popular

We specialize in finding properties for investors, and individuals. We can find new property and we also alert you to any further price reductions. At any. We often have properties that agents don’t offer to the general public.

If you are selling a house or flat, and want at auction and hassle-free property sale then please speak to us today.

The process is simple; we will carry out a no obligation valuation, followed by our cash offer for your property, which is typically up to 85% of the market value. There are no fees and we will pay your legal costs on completion of the sale. If you have found an ideal home and you are struggling to sell your property then we can work to the timescale that suits you. If you have ever thought ‘How can I sell my house at auction’ then you have come to the at auction property sale specialists, and we can buy your property as quickly as you would like us to. See below the benefits of a cash house sale, selling your property at auction.

The Benefits of Selling property at auction to our company

We also use our online property auctions to attract cash buyers of houses and flats, instead of the indefinite and uncertain process of via an estate agent.

We work with partners to deliver property auctions Glasgow with a wide range of stock from estate agents, property finders and direct from vendors – we specialise in making properties available at a significant discount to home report and we cover the whole of the Scottish property market with a focus on delivering the best auction properties to our clients.

As the property market comes back we are seeing great value properties in Glasgow the main city of Scotland with strong commercial opportunities,Edinburgh always solid investment city with a vibrant student population Aberdeen – the granite city is one of the largest oil hubs in Europe As well as well priced properties in

  • Dundee
  • Dunfermline
  • Ayr
  • Perth
  • Inverness

So just why you decide purchase or to offer through Our Auctions?

Well what about thinking about the following:

  • Substantial coverage in digital portal sites as well as in commerce circulations.
  • Entire security for the seller who be aware the deal is officially binding and is able to fix the reservation price. A previous survey of property by prospective buyers is proposed, and we are able to help in this. Guide costs could be gotten with a property assessment
  • 80 per cent traded and of properties are finished within four weeks. Compare that waiting to get a sale end that is normal.

There may also be advice regarding investment and general properties and all areas of pricing and mortgage news.

Selling your property at Auction is quickly becoming a mainstream option. Should you be thinking about selling at Auction, or purchasing property at Auction, you then need to contact us, we’re here in order to assist.

If you are looking to invest in the Scottish property market our sourcers can find you the right property at the right price enabling you to make an open and fair bid on a property auction site whether directly or online.

Glasgow Property Investments is an independent team working with us to locate well priced properties and have been advising investors and assisting with search, qualifying and the acquisition of Glasgow residential and commercial specifically and the Scottish market at large sectors delivering yield and capital growth.

Additionally we have Auctions that focus on Glasgow properties only including the prime parts of the west end, Knightsbridge and Bearsden Aside from all other factors the Scottish market is ripe for investors and we find residential commercial that can become an asset that provides a steady income.


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